Modern-day guest article is right from GoSchoolWise, an exciting new website offering up free software to help using college preparation.

Is this classes a good fit for the child? Do we have a nicely balanced college variety? How much can college expense us?

If these are the questions you are asking yourself, there is certainly good news. An intelligent computer called IBM Watson (the computer system that conquer humans around Jeopardy) is certainly helping reply to these inquiries for several thousand parents this christmas at GoSchoolWise. com.

GoSchoolWise. com features 3 resources that use classy algorithms to help you answer typically the questions you’re wondering. Thankfully all these methods are free for high school students and their parents.

College Identity Fit Instrument: The application has considered over 700 US institutions and outlined personality traits for students during those universities.

Example: Many of the personality traits for Georgia Computer students tend to be: Unselfish, Go with the flow, Thoughtful, and so on Some personality for students for Columbia School are: Individual, Change-Agent, Strong etc .

The main tool can analyze your child’s essay or Tweets to develop her/his nature and determines their character fit with each school in your schools catalog. In addition to campus visits this kind of tool can provide you with that unique perspective how properly your child will certainly fit in at a particular school.