Celebrity SAT Quotes. Celebrity quotes about ‘ The new SAT.’ i.e. the

Celebrity SAT Quotes. Celebrity quotes about ‘ The new SAT.’ i.e. the old new SAT. in other words. from 2004, once they included the essay.

Anderson Cooper (Yale, 1989):

‘I still get up in a cold sweat thinking I have getting up and go simply take the SAT. Having to work out those mathematics problems, I really don’t think I’d be up for it again. There is one thing so strange about the process. You go to a school that is different. You’re in some cavernous space with a bunch of strangers. It included with the foreign nature of it all.’

Bill Cosby (Temple University, 1977):

‘While taking the College Boards, I discovered out what I didn’t know. I wished that I had examined more. I also wish to God that I’d been a much more serious student.’ Mr. Cosby says his cumulative score was in the high 300’s (or by today’s scoring method, high 400’s).’

Sofia Coppola (California Institute regarding the creative Arts, attended 1991-93):

‘we hated using the SAT’s. I did terribly, and I also’m so pleased We never have to do them again.’

How Long Till The Polynomials?


Final Saturday morning I stopped by the Kumon office for supplies. It was teeming with little munchkins. A new male employee greeted me at the doorway, looking around for my little tykes. I did not have the heart to explain they are rebellious and big now, and I’m here for myself.

I asked for Jennifer, the master, whom immediately ran https://studybays.me/”> over to greet me. We had our embarrassing little moment that is munchkin and then we moved on to a conversation about what supplies I would like based on exactly how I’m scoring.

Go ahead, laugh……but I’m telling you, this s**t works.

I am doing Kumon for about 3 weeks now (or is it 4?). I started with simple addition for 3 minutes per day. I told the Kumon woman that I’m able to handle more, so now I get a double dosage. I’m working my means through subtraction and have even seen a smattering of addition sprinkled in (just a hint, and only recently).

I keep asking the Kumon lady, ‘when are we getting to those polynomials?’ and she smiles, and says right back if you ask me, ‘not for a number of years.’

Ok, this is a process that is painstakingly slow BUT,

A) I’m enjoying it enormously


B) I am in the midst of I.Q. and success tests with a psychologist, and something component of the neuropsych evaluation today was Kumon design worksheets (but all mixed up), and he said that we had 3 minutes to perform some sheets, and from the way he said it, it didn’t sound like I had been expected to finish.

And when he hit that stop view, we went like the wind. The thing that is only me was just how fast my hand could write. I became a Kumon Ninja.

I was made by it recognize ( just what I already knew in my bones), that there is a approach to their madness (in other words. Kumon), and it might seem absurdly slow, but I’m telling you, I completed that the main I.Q. test early, and there was NO WAY that that could have happened a month ago. We would have hesitated, and hemmed and hawed how to carry on the numbers that are multiple subtraction, etc.

Today, there was not an iota of hesitation. None.

I may be on my death sleep by the right time i reach those polynomials, but that is counting.

No question the spaced repetition works. Just ask Sheldon the Word-Nerd.

The Learning Part is&mdash that is easy It’s Recalling That’s Complex


A commenter pointed me for this article that is wired Gary Wolf: Want to Remember Everything You’ll Ever discover? Surrender to the Algorithm.

These quotes from the article describe the way I feel, up to a tee:

Learning things is simple. But remembering them — this is where a particular hopelessness sets in.

Wozniak felt that his capacity to control his life rationally was slipping away. ‘There had been 80 telephone calls per day to address. There was no time for learning, virtually no time for programming, almost no time for sleep….’

Our capacity to learn is amazingly large. But optimal learning demands a kind of rational control over ourselves that does maybe not come easily. Also the demand that is basic regularity can be daunting.

Why the SAT is loved by me


Here’s why I like the SAT:

(Note: This is an off the cuff list, and I also am purposely ignoring all sorts of legitimate issues, like the stakes that are high socioeconomic inequalities, etc. That is a various post.)


  • The rest of the world melts away and I’m all alone in my SAT bubble with my ‘problems’ — but not my real life problemsthese are my SAT problems if i’m feeling down, I can grab a College Board Blue Book and start working my way through a section, and within minutes.
  • We can chart my progress and observe how far I’ve can be found in six months (which in fact isn’t that far if you just examine my scores, but it does not just take much to give me that ‘We’m getting better!’ feeling.) so long as the line graph is headed in the right direction, I’m optimistic.
  • Despite the trouble regarding the SAT reading that is critical, I have stumbled across some breathtaking passages that lead me to uncover publications I do want to read. For example, there clearly was a passage from The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri on the May 2011 SAT; now it’s on the top of my reading list.
  • I have understanding that is visceral of hard this test is, and as an outcome have more empathy for the youngsters who’re facing it (to not mention, the educators who are supposed to be planning them to accomplish well).
  • I will be gaining a deep understanding of what’s not being trained in school you’ll want to know to do very well on this test (e.g. grammar, the function of a phrase in a passage, the relationship between two passages, etc.).
  • We’ve learned vocabulary that is new (and just what’s not to love about that?).
  • I’m formally grammar that is learning the very first time in my life. I know that sounds boring, but trust in me, it does not need to be.
  • I find the process of a gnarly looking function issue an enormously satisfying experience.
  • I’ve found this subculture that is cool of enthusiasts, and I’ve even possessed a few kids acknowledge to me they take pleasure in the SAT, but I’m sworn to secrecy.